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Estefold 4211-15 A0 vouwmachine

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EsteFold 4211-15:

The ultimate Folding System Automatic online folder performing fan and cross fold in one pass.

No manual intervention necessary at all and the entire fold work is done at a surprising speed and precision.

Simply select a fold program from the four pre-programmed, most common fold programs or one of the individual adjustable fold programs.

This folder may be equipped with a tab applicator that attaches hanging strips during the fold process automatically.

Finished documents will be deployed face up on the conveyor belt automatically where they can be obtained in an ergonomic height.

The estefold 4211 is available in three speed versions: 4211-4, 4211-8, 4211-15 (4-, 8- or 15 m/min)

Unattended printing and folding from multiple work stations increases the productivity of your company significantly. Jobs can easily be processed during the night or on the weekend.

Estefold 4211´s bridge can be tilted into an upright position easily in order to replenish paper rolls on the printer.

  • The maximum fold speed is 15 m/min
  • The fold tolerance is ≤ 1 mm
  • The folder handles a sheet width between 270 mm and 930 mm

Estefold 4211 is is the right choice for high to very high volumes from one printer.

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