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Estefold 2400 (KIP 2400) A0 vouwmachine

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Estefold 2400 (KIP 2400) A0 vouwmachine

Estefold 2400’s bridge can be tilted into an upright position easily in order to replenish paper rolls on the printer.

The folder comes with a standard manual feed allowing the user to feed plans printed by other printers manually as well as a catch bag for unfolded prints.

Estefold 2400 can easily be controlled "online" from multiple workstations by additional plot software supplied by the printer manufacturer or any other software vendor.

The automatic format recognition of the plot software makes sure that the plan is printed in the direction required for automatic folding.

Errors are immediately reported and analyzed.
  • The fold speed is 19 m/min
  • The fold tolerance is ≤ 1 mm
  • The max. input format is 930 mm wide and unlimited in length

Estefold 2400 is the right choice for low to mid volume printers.

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